plumbing hacks

  1. santhony7

    Heated Mirror Idea

    I wanted to hear from the professionals about this idea. I need a heated mirror in my shower and I don't want it to be electric. So my idea is to create my own mirror that is heated with the hot water supply. Do you think it would be possible using a heat exchanger like pictured? Just attach a...
  2. hanz

    Wye from cleanout

    My cleanout pipe (in my back yard) is shown in the picture below (popper cleanout and relief valve). It has a 5 inch diameter. I am installing a washing machine right where the cleanout is at. I want to connect a wye to the cleanout and use the sloped branch to drain my washing machine...
  3. ClassicRob

    Permanent Dishwasher Removal

    1st timer here; looking to remove dishwasher permanently; (I assume it's connected to hot water line). I'm wondering what to do with the supply line if I just leave the valve completely turned off except for the other knob that supplies the sink. Other than that and plugging up the hose from...
  4. Scott Montross

    Drain rough-in and p trap placement for bathtub

    Long story short. Bought a house built in 1940, its awesome. Except there was no bathtub only a 60x30 mortar bed tiled shower. Wife requires a bathtub, so here we go. all is well through demolition and prep of the space. New subfloor installed, tub overflow drain assembled, tub fitted all looks...
  5. idreos

    How do I fix this jtrap misalignment problem

  6. Terry

    Plumbing hack for a new disposer

    A new deeper undermount sink for the kitchen, and the existing piping under the sink is too high and too strange. It's time for a plumbing hack. It's looking a little strange, but let's take a better look. Two short 90's before the p-trap. The homeowner never like snaking that mess...
  7. Terry

    Plumbing Hacks Video, installing a toilet with Terry Love

    Plumbing Hacks Video, installing a toilet with Terry Love and his son Jamie Love. Jamie and Terry quickly go through what it takes to install a toilet. You will love some of the hacks on this video! Terry Love
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