1. TheOverThinker

    Repacking an inverted oakum / cast iron 4" joint on a sewer stack?

    How, and who, can still repair old oakum joints that are inverted. Situation is a 4" CI waste stack comes down from the roof above the top floor toilet in an condo. Just above the toilet, it branches downward for the tub. The walls and everything are all finished. mostly with tile. The three...
  2. JanSolo

    Toilet Flange Newbie: Lead Sleeve w Brass or ABS?

    Hello, wise plumbing elders! I'm remodelling my bathroom and I'm redoing down to the subfloor! It's my first time plumbing a toilet, so I've lots to learn; hopefully you can set me on the right path! On pulling out my old toilet, I noticed that it had a brass flange with a lead sleeve that was...
  3. PMGunz

    Finishing Basement, Easy Fix for Leaky copper to cast iron joint?

    My basement is being finished in a couple weeks and the drain lines will be hidden behind a wall. There is what appears to be a leaky joint on a drain line where a copper pipe goes into a cast iron fitting. The flash on my phone made it look like the cooper pipe is cracked, but it's just a...
  4. Josh87

    Replace Lead Shower Drain.

    Hi, I'm a first time poster here, but I've used this site for years and have gained a lot of great information from all of you! I'm redoing my basement bathroom shower on concrete slab and using information on your other threads, I removed a lead/oakum shower drain. I used the method of...
  5. Eric from Newton

    Is there more to this than meets the eye?

    Hi everyone, I appreciate your taking a look at my situation. I have a cast iron stack in my basement that has a couple of old (I think) stains on the outside of the pipe. Nothing that appears to be an active leak, but still a bit unsightly and a little worrisome. This house was built in...
  6. Nukedaddy

    Misleading the innocents about lead n' oakum

    I taught the apprentices at my home local for nearly 20 years, and I learned to caulk as a third generation plumber. BUT, I know that many people look at the pictures and teach themselves to do new stuff all the time, so I am going to ask, without saying what I was taught. I have searched many...
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