moen 1225

  1. TheRealDanno

    Old Moentrol valve. Can I replace old handle kit with a new Moen shower faucet?

    I have an older Moen shower kit. It’s a Legend series on a Moentrol valve. It uses a 1225 cartridge. I noticed the new shower handles Moen sell for their latest Moentrol valves now use a different cartridge - something called M-Pact cartridges which don’t look like the old 1225 at all. My...
  2. TheRealDanno

    Moen Shower Valve - Cartridge Removal Issue. Plastic Mounting Adapter in the way

    Amateur DIYer and first time poster here. Hi everyone! I was going to replace the cartridge on this Moen shower valve (Legend model) but after I removed the handle I discovered this unusual black plastic housing (mounting adapter) which I want to remove so I can get the cartridge out but I was...
  3. KGH

    Is this Moen retaining clip broken?

    I am pretty sure I have a very old Moen 1255. This is the retaining clip. I am pretty sure it's broken and I am hosed (I have zero plumbing or handyman skills). But I won't be able to get the cartridge out without serious effort, right? Thanks in advance.
  4. Terry

    Handy hardware advice on Moen tub/shower repair

    My neighbor came over yesterday to ask a little help with his Moen Chateau tub/shower valve. The local hardware store had sold him some plumbers grease so that he could rub it on the outside of the cartridge. He had removed the cartridge and reinserted it. A little grease on the outside so it...
  5. Terry

    Updating an old Moen shower valve with pictures. TL473 or TL470

    Do you have an old Moen valve from the 70's or 80's? I love updating those old valves in the Seattle area. Replacing the cartridge makes them a new faucet, smooth and quiet. Turn this into this! Moen TL473 trim fits the old Moen roughs. The T473 has the crystal knob, the TL473 is the...
  6. Brad Repka

    Replacement Moen 1225 Whips to the right hard when turning on?

    Ok, I am in need of a little help. I watched a few videos and read a couple of instruction guides on how to replace a Moen 1225 cartridge. The replacement went well, and with the initial test it works fine. The problem happens when i get everything back together. When the water is then turned on...
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