1. S

    New service line to hilltop at distance.

    Hey guys, I’ve read a lot of posts on the forum, but I think I’ve got a situation different enough to warrant a separate post. I want to run a water line to a new house site on my land from county water at the street. I understand that a well is an option, but let’s please keep that out of...
  2. kyncaith

    Need advice for replacing kitchen drain pipe under slab.

    My house is a split level, so the kitchen is on a slab. The pipe runs underneath and connects to the main in our utility room. There is only one line to the main, no other connections. About a week ago I noticed water coming out of the opening in the cinder blocks where the 3 inch cast iron pipe...
  3. Kyler Howdyshell

    2 Line jet pump would not prime

    Not a question but thought I'd add this as a thing to look at if anyone else has this problem. So I bought my house recently with a well not knowing anything about wells or the well that it had. It had a 2 line jet system. I had a problem with it losing prime and decided I was comfortable with...
  4. Coreyl90

    New guy. Water pressure issue. chasing my tail

    To start off I have had a sediment problem since I bought my home 1.5 years ago. I have a filter after the pressure tank, before my water heater etc. I have to change filters frequently due to sediment filling the filter and canister. A few days ago I changed my filter but still had a poor...
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