1. newfarmer

    $1,500 for replacing foot valve at well? Possibly cheaper fix?

    Relatively newbie homeowner of an older 70s home with a pump and compressor tank and two hoses (one large, one smaller) that go down to the well. It's noisy, when the pump kicks in, sending out a high-pitched whining noise that can be heard on the 2nd floor. Not great water pressure and loud...
  2. Katherine Straub

    Just whispered "I hate you" to my well pump, how's your morning

    Hey everyone! I'm a long-time lurker (typically when sitting on my kitchen counter by the sink with my laptop and wet socks) and some of your posts have been the difference between keeping and selling my house. I bought what I thought was just a fixer-upper about 18 months's should've...
  3. Joshua Sturm

    Packer Well Help; dropped pipe

    Hi All, During Hurricane Harvey my home flooded, and the pressure tank on my water well floated, and broke the well head, casing, etc. I have a packer well system, with a 3/4 hp horizontal pump, that has a 2" casing, and a 1 1/4" inner pipe. I repaired the broken casing with a 2" coupler and...
  4. Kyler Howdyshell

    2 Line jet pump would not prime

    Not a question but thought I'd add this as a thing to look at if anyone else has this problem. So I bought my house recently with a well not knowing anything about wells or the well that it had. It had a 2 line jet system. I had a problem with it losing prime and decided I was comfortable with...
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