island loop vent

  1. LarsG35

    Island loop for dishwasher

    Hi everyone, First off, thanks for the great site. Definitely a newbie here so I apologize in advance if I put this in the wrong place or have my formatting wrong. My general questions are: Would this be up to code [UPC] (or at least pretty close) and are there any functional differences...
  2. Buffalo Bob

    Proper Loop Vent?

    I’m in the middle of remodeling a house we just purchased. I have attached a photo of the “loop vent” below for our kitchen sink. The would be sink and p-trap are on the opposite side. It appears that the vent and drain dive into the same pipe as it goes into the ground (I am on slab). Sink...
  3. Jer805

    Horizontal Island Loop Vent?

    Does an island loop vent have to come to a point (45-90-45 bends), or can the top run horizontally for a few feet using two 90 bends and no 45s? I would like to run my island sink drain pipe down one leg of the island and the vent pipe down the adjacent island leg a few feet away. Thoughts...
  4. Jesse Okiror

    Is this bad?! Yes, it needs fixing.

    Plumber installed an island loop with this setup. He says it was done this way because connecting the vent back to the drain would cause more damage to the slab (this is a reno and we had to cut about a foot deep into the slab to make this happen). What problems am I looking at down the road?
  5. Jesse Okiror

    Island loop vent not draining

    I had an island loop installed with my kitchen reno. I opened the vent side cleanout and water poured out. Then there was standing water up to level of the cleanout. So the vent side of the loop isn’t draining. The drain side is draining though. This shouldn’t be possible if the loop was done...
  6. DrDraake

    Connect kitchen drain to 2nd floor main drain

    Hey everyone, Hope you guys here can help because I don't have faith in my contractors plumbing skills. He's tried to use sanitary tees horizontal, told me to vent out the bottom of the outside wall for a kitchen island sink, never heard of a island loop ven, and handful of other other things...
  7. Rusty Williams

    Island loop vent failed inspection

    Looking for some help in understanding what I've done wrong and why this loop vent doesn't work. The vent side slopes towards the loop, the drain slopes away. A p-trap is above the floor on the drain side, and the vent side connects to the drain side as high as possible under a counter top...
  8. Nubexplorer

    Sink in an island. In cabinet or out-of-cabinet loop venting

    Doing a reno which includes a sink in the island. I haven't decided if it will be a clean-up for prep sink. The kitchen designer and the cabinet designer both are the designing the island cabinet assuming that the vent will be inside the sink base cabinet. Both of them have been doing this...
  9. Richard Ellis

    Island/Peninsula Loop Vent - Final Check

    First I would like to thank Terry and this forum for the many posts on island loop vents. My familiarity with them, all from what I learned here, impressed my city inspector for a DIY'er. Before I complete final glue up of my peninsula loop vent, I would like input on heights of the cleanout...
  10. jac_sal

    Island Loop Vent - Need Help!

    Hello Everyone, There are plenty of diagrams out there showing island loop vent configurations but I am still not sure how I should go about my set-up. All of the diagrams I find show the drain pipe returning towards the same side as where the roof vent pipe originates. This has the vent loop...
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