1. T

    Need help identifying shower diverter valve

    Helping a friend with a failed diverted valve in a home built in 1937. Tried to find some matches at Home Depot but had no luck. Would love some help! Thanks! Counting 18 teeth on the stem.
  2. amirmohsen

    What kind of pipe is this? Is it Poly B?

    All of the pipes in my house are either copper or PEX. There's just one pipe that I'm not sure about. It's the main water supply line as you can see in the picture. Further up, it connects to a copper pipe. I've also attached a close-up picture of the writing on the pipe. The only information I...
  3. J

    help identifying old Pegasus shower trim - or - tell me what cartridge and valve rough in I need

    I bought a used shower trim, i know its a Pegasus but there is no other identification on it. I am building a new house so if you could tell me what i would need to buy to make this trim work? I dont know what i am doing.. I think i need a cartridge and a valve? Anything else? and what kinds?
  4. K

    Help Identifying a Grohe Shower Valve and Diverter

    I'm trying to determine the make and model of this valve and its diverters. The valve requires a replacement cartridge, and both diverters seem to have broken plastic components within their trim, making them hard to operate. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or assistance you can provide...
  5. C

    Help Identifying Shower Faucet Brand to Remove It

    Anyone know what brand of faucet temperature knob this is? I need to remove it and can't figure out how to get the knob off for repairs behind the plate. Thanks in advance!
  6. Tcmdmba

    Help me ID roman bath faucet fixture (mid-90s construction)

    Can anybody help me identify this roman tub faucet? The house was built in 1994. The other bathrooms have been updated with Moen fixtures. This roman tub and the two matching lavatory faucets don't appear to have brands anywhere. I have an easy time believing they were some cheap contractor...
  7. Rustypipe

    Identify faucet -- Dornbracht?

    I'm trying to identify this faucet type. Two are stiff and need help. It is a Dornbracht? I couldn't find this logo on their website. Thanks. -rp
  8. NewPlumberKid

    Tangshan Huida, Help Me Identify this Fill Valve

    Fill valves are never an issue for me, they are about as easy to replace as anything in a toilet. Even a newbie like me can do it. Fast forward to today when I came across this specific fill valve. I can not identify it, and I cannot replace it. What is it? It says Tangshan Huida Anti Siphon on it

    Help Identify old shower stem from the 50s

    Hey my name is Rocky, i have a leaky shower stem pulled it out and the washer/bushing at the end is torn and degraded. i need to replace or rebuild. problem is i have no idea what make the stem is. Has 12 splines and is roughly 5 7/8 long. As the title says, i need help to identify it. the house...
  10. Inexperienced Homeowner

    Pulse ShowerSpas, Unknown Shower Valve/Trim

    Hi there! My wife and I recently bought our first detached home! We bought a Moen Trim Kit for our upstairs bathroom, however, when the plumber we hired to install it (among many other things) came to do the work, he said he could not install it because he has never seen this valve before...
  11. Berniebee

    Need help identifying old pipe underground

    Hi, I need help identifying an old underground pipe and how to know if it is still active/live. Also, the pipes on wall that are in like a loop? Or who I could call to come out to take a look at them? The underground pipe is in the way of the new dwv lines I'm installing and I'd like to remove...
  12. Kaelderna

    Weird faucet, weird cartridge. Help please?

    In florida, picked this faucet out when i was about 5. Its just now starting to leak out the top. The thing is I have never seen another faucet like it, and cannot find a new cartridge for it. Could someonr help me identify the brand? If it helps any the unit was a display model. Pics attatched.
  13. SoCalLex

    Can’t identify & disassemble widespread faucet handle

    I can’t identify my faucet so I can’t find info on how to disassemble it. I’ve read other posts but they don’t seem to work with the trim I have. I was assuming I had to take the trim off... so I haven’t tried wrenching the nut yet. So if someone can either identify the maker of the faucet that...
  14. Mariosphone

    Help identifying kitchen faucet

    Greetings folks, I recently bought a house and my kitchen faucet pull out hose started leaking a few days after closing. (joy of being a home owner) I've been trying to identify the faucet and could've sworn that it was a Kohler Mistos. Long story short the hose and quick release (1244504)...
  15. jceddy

    Identify a faucet

    Can anyone identify this faucet brand? I need to get a replacement for the water input quick release thingie (either the plastic clip or an o ring on the male part has worn out).
  16. TravelinTom

    Identify Kitchen Faucet Brand

    Can anyone identify even by by Brand? Model would be nice. My daughter's kitchen sink and I hope to repair it for her on my next visit to her town. She doesn't think the wand alone can be replaced. Brand, model, any and all suggestions appreciated.
  17. Markofm

    Eljer toilet identification help?

    Can anyone please help me identify this (Eljer?) toilet? I've got a "ghost flush", had the plumber out five times and replace several parts, no luck... Thank you!
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