hybrid hot water heater

  1. M

    New oil Boiler to pair with Hybrid water tank

    I’m in need of direction. Very grateful for any input. I am a new home owner in Queens NY and the current setup is just a Ford Product Oil Boiler (this unit/company is so antiquated that there is zero info anywhere on this unit!) for DHW and hydronic baseboard heating. 1650 sq ft home - 2 zones...
  2. Wandering_Burr

    Hybrid - Heat Pump / Cheaper to operate than Gas in SoCal?

    I am looking at replacing my 50 gallon NG Water Heater and aside from the up front costs of electric/condensate line/capping the gas and vent (which are not small), the EPAs calculators appear to show a significant savings over ten years versus Natural Gas. Despite my searches this topic doesn't...
  3. KLM-2021

    Hybrid (Hear Pump) Water Heater

    Hey folks. I am poised to purchase a Rheem 80 gallon Hybrid (Heat Pump) Warer Heater. This heater has a condensate outflow, and there is no drain near the future heater’s location in a basement. There is a 3” SCH 40 PVC waste line directly above where the heater will sit. Can the condensate...
  4. NCGC

    Need Help! Heat pump water heater, recirculating pump, and tank booster

    I need help with a hot water heater system in a new construction. We are going with a 50 gallon heat pump water heater with a tank booster and a recirculating pump. The plumbing company is putting in the return hot water lines for the pump but expects me to provide the water heater, pump, and...
  5. BobD777

    Hybrid Hot Water Heater, Thermostatic Mixing Valve, Efficiency

    I'm installing an AO Smith HPTU-80N hybrid hot water heater and am looking at the pros and cons of adding a thermostatic mixing valve. I see it's recommended for other types of installations, but is there anything that makes using it with a hybrid different? Also, if I understand correctly, the...
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