1. G

    Top plate messed up, need suggestions.

    I have made a stupid mistake of drilling a hole with wrong tool and wrong planning. It is 2 top plates(2*6) stacked together of exterior wall in new construction. The wall is parallel to joists. My original idea is to put a 2 inch conduit for running speaker wires and HDMI cable. Now I am...
  2. farmerisland

    Copper waste line flat, venting lacking, and so much more

    Hey guys. I need to share a little back story to give proper context of my issue with some upstairs very old plumbing. I live in an old farmhouse that was originally Mennonite-built in 1890. There was no indoor plumbing initially but the main floor bath was put in by my grandparents at some...
  3. Ken_C

    What's the purpose of this hole on side of Toto Drake bowl?

    I bought a Toto Drake 10" dual flush toilet. I noticed this hole on the right side of the bowl, with a sticker over it. What's the purpose of this hole? Also, should I remove the sticker now while it's easy, before it starts to yellow and peel? Thank you for any information.
  4. johnjward

    Drip under bathroom sink

    Hi everyone. I know nothing about sinks or plumbing so hence here I am. Yesterday I was plunging my bathroom sink because it was clogged up. Afterwards I noticed that under the sink there was water. A hole at the bottom of the sink is where it's coming from. I assume the hole has a purpose...
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