1. F

    What is this grounding on my septic waste line?

    I bought a fixer upper & am in the basement trying to understand a plethora of chaos. The fisherman that owned my house prior wrote in sharpie what everything did--hot/cold, dates the oil burning water heater was cleaned, etc. But he didn't leave me a note re this contraption. I am about redo...
  2. Dave Millman

    Furnace on generator throwing error code

    I've read some previous threads on generator grounding: My situation is a bit different: We use a portable Honda...
  3. RCbuilds

    Concerns over grounding of copper DWV systems?

    I'm removing and replacing several sections of copper DWV pipe in my home to rearrange a bathroom layout. Part of this work involves removing a 3' section of the existing 3" copper stack and replacing it with PVC, with the remaining CU stack still continuing through the roof. The rest of the...
  4. Bill in FL

    How to install a ground wire for an off-grid solar project... located on a dock

    So, I've done some searching, but have yet to find a response that has me feeling comfortable. I've taken it upon myself to build a solar installation on my boat dock. The dock has no access to power from any other source. It is a fixed pier, wooden dock with a metal roof. Less than 1,000 watts...
  5. Regis Tration

    Grounding A Well

    Recently I had no choice but to cut off the corroded top of my well casing. Here is what it looked like: I replaced the casing with PVC and a Fernco coupling. I know that many people disapprove of the Fernco coupling, but the well is in an extremely remote ocean island location with no...
  6. DTAZ

    Grounding a Security System Control Panel

    Any suggestions for grounding a security system panel? The installation manual for the system I am working on specifies an earth ground with no less than #14 wire. To reach the ground rods for the house will require a 30 foot run of copper line. They also suggest grounding to water pipes but my...
  7. MichaelSK

    Proper grounding of 3-wire submersible pump in metal well casing

    I placed a new 3-wire pump into metal well case. (The pump controller is inside the mechanical room in the house.) The broken cast iron well seal was replaced with a PVC well seal. There is no conductive (bonding) between all the well components (galv drop pipe, iron well casing, metal junction...
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