garden hose

  1. Addink

    Best connection/pipe for vertical outdoor hose bib?

    We have an old townhouse with the water line in the basement and I'm trying to come up with a better way of running water to the backyard. Currently, a long garden hose is attached to a gate valve connected to the copper water line in the basement of the house. It goes up through a gap in the...
  2. GL77

    What fitting do I need?

    I use this valve to bleed the system when I'm changing out filters but the space is too tight to get a bucket under it, so I'd like to add a short length of garden hose. Is there a fitting I can use to go from this PEX fitting to garden hose threads? I don't have the capability to do PEX.
  3. GardenRox

    Which Adapter for Fancy Kitchen Faucet to Garden Hose?

    If connections can be gendered, and mine is MALE, I would have to say also that mine has a foreskin. Everything I see for connecting a household faucet to a garden hose shows a threaded area that is immediately accessible to the connector, not distanced by a span of smooth metal (as you can see...
  4. JM19

    How to connect a garden hose to a bathroom sink shutoff valve

    Hi all! New to the forum and was hoping to get some advice on how to install a garden hose to a bathroom sink shut off valve. I have a terrace in my apartment and was hoping to install a valve that would allow me to connect a garden hose so I can better clean the terrace and to water plants...
  5. Morgan Montague

    Yard hydrant, Pressure relief valve leaking continuously.

    I had this PEX system installed in my yard about 11 years ago. I just turned on the outside water to it which was shut down for Winter back in November. It leaks continously when the hose hydrant handle is turned OFF. I suspect that this is a relief valve of some sort and that there should be...
  6. Raghav

    Which adapter should I buy?

    I am a complete plumbing newbie. The hose that connects my sprinkler system to the tap disconnected and is no longer staying connected after several tries. Which adapter should I buy to connect? (See images for details) In the image top facet goes to sprinkler, bottom goes to tap. One the top...
  7. parrotheadrob

    Extend hose spigot

    I have a second story deck and a hose bib located at the walkout basement level. I wanted to add a line that extends vertically to the deck. I found a few fittings that will connect the wye on the spigot. I was going to use cpvc to run the line and insert a valve at the bottom that i could...
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