1. T

    Pipe from gas boiler making loud noise (link to sound)

    Hi, I have gas baseboard hot water heat with two taco zone valves. One zone in particular makes a loud knocking noise whenever the thermostat calls for heat. The noise is coming from the first part of the zone right where the zone valve is. I've been in the house for one full winter and I've...
  2. Phelpdk

    Flushed Hot Water Heat now Dishwasher Not Working

    This is about a Samsung DW80M2020US/AA 00 dishwasher. It is less than 3 years old. A few days ago, as a part of regular maintenance, I flushed my Rheem hot water heater for the first time (also less than 3 years old). Everything went well, and after the tank filled up again, I ran all the...
  3. Ayoo

    Toto Drake Incomplete Flush on Flush Quick Release

    I just had 2 Toto Drakes (CST776CEFG) installed in my house after reading about them on this forum. One flushes very quickly and how i assume it would if i just depress the flush and release. The other doesn't do a complete flush upon depressing the flusher and quickly releasing, but does a...
  4. User786

    Toto CST776CSG#01 or CST776CEG#01? Any meaningful difference in flush?

    Hi, I have narrowed it down to either of these two models with the help of this forum and @Terry Thank you for the help and input. I know I do not want a taller toilet but I also know I want an elongated bowl so that's I why I have narrowed it down to these two. Now I just have to decide...
  5. Eric Lytle

    TOTO Drake Dual/Drake II hybrid?

    So, I currently have a Drake Dual-flush and don't really like the low/narrow waterspot because my little one can't yet sit far enough back to hit the target, but I LOVE the 0.8gpf that still handles average solids and paper like a champ. I'm wondering if it's possible to hybridize the Drake II...
  6. W Che

    Newly repaired toilet fills inconsistently

    Hi folks. I just replaced the fill valve, overflow and flapper on my toilet and ran into some issues when testing the flush. When flushing the toilet it will usually fill to the fill shutoff level and function normally, stopping the flow of water. But for maybe one in four flushes, the toilet...
  7. KarenTheBold

    Toilet "gives back" what was flushed several hours before (Kohler 2-pc)

    Kohler 2-pc toilet was installed 20 years ago in a MIL unit over my garage and worked fine. Now I'm using that area as a home office, so using the toilet from time to time. I will use and flush the toilet, and the next day--there is stuff in the toilet bowl. It's almost like I haven't...
  8. ThudnBlundr

    Kinetico Softener Irregular BW

    I've searched for this without luck. We've had a Kinetico softener for many years, but recently the backwashing has become irregular. It backwashed on Tuesday evening last week, finishing around 9pm. At 6:30am the following morning it was backwashing again although only one person had used a...
  9. Isaiah M

    Toilet making low hum sound when flushing

    Hello, experts, I am a novice DIY’er. I recently started noticing that when I flush the toilet I hear a low deep hum as I flush the toilet. I have no ideas what this is. Should I be concerned? I would appreciate your thoughts, advice and direction. Isaiah
  10. JimNY

    Speculate on the cause of leak thru ceiling directly below toilet when flushed?

    2nd floor toilet (approx 55 yr since installed, current flushometer probably less than 20 yrs), when flushed water leaks through 1st fl. ceiling at the location below that toilet. Would a professional absolutely need to open up the ceiling from below for a look-see before diagnosing/repairing...
  11. Trump the Plumber

    It takes me 10 to 15 tries to flush my toilet

    It takes me ten or fifteen times to flush my toilet. I don't know why the new toilets are so bad and why can't we go back to five gallon toilets? I try and try, but really? Ten times, fifteen times, why all this craziness about wasting water and water? I miss my old toilets. I miss them so...
  12. mcc_ga

    Pressure-activated delayed flush?

    I'm building a house, and I want to solve one of my biggest annoyances in the process - cleaning the cats' litter box. We have planned a laundry room/mud room with a drain in the center (in case of washing machine or sink overflow), and I would like to install a "toilet" for the cats in there...
  13. HomeSlicer

    Best toilet for someone who creates frequent clogs requiring a plunger?

    Clogging and plunging a toilet is a frequent problem for me. I can't seem to avoid it. I have narrowed down my search to the following toilets: American Standard Champion 4 (1.6 GPF) TOTO Ultramax (1.6 GPF) TOTO Ultramax 2 (1.28 GPF) TOTO Aquia (.9/1.6 GPF) One would assume that the higher GPF...
  14. Desert Lion

    How I repaired flush gasket on Kohler Rialto 3402PB

    I have a Kohler Rialto 3402PB toilet, http://www.designtool.kohler.com/us/detail.jsp?item=9548202 This is Kohler's photo: This was installed new when I had my house remodeled in 1986. It's in the guest bathroom so it didn't get a lot of use. The filler began running for a few seconds every...
  15. MIBamse

    Shower with only hot water on, flush toilet, it gets hotter

    Hello We have a problem with luke warm water in the shower in the morning. The shower water is not warm enough to mix it with cold water, so we only turn on the hot water faucet and leave the cold water faucet off. My wife is not happy about the water not being very warm so she flushed the...
  16. Greenleaf

    Hydronic Radiant In-floor Heating: Pump & air valve replacement

    In our recently purchased approx 20 yr old house, we have an in-floor radiant heating system, that seems to work quite poorly, as in very slow to heat (like, half a day to get rooms up to temp). I suspect the previous owners either did not use it, or only used it supplementally. (house also has...
  17. Altavista

    How to replace a concealed flush cistern

    I live an area with very hard water and this has resulted in the flush mechanism in the cistern on one of the toilets in the house to seize up. The actual flush itself has never been a very convincing affair. I am now considering changing the entire cistern and/or flush mechanism. The problem...
  18. NovicePete

    Sediment in faucet screens and shower head

    We have had an a build up of sediment in our faucets and shower head for the better part of a year. We can also see the sediment whenever the bath faucet is run for more than a few minutes. I have flushed the hot water heater and had the City come out to flush the water line. This seemed to help...
  19. BK2thefullest

    Banging/Knocking sound when tenants flush. Water Hammer Arrestors have been installed. HELP Please!

    Here is the thread I already have going on to catch you all up to speed. Its a lot of info. http://www.brownstoner.com/forum/#!/general-discussion:master-plumber-help-despera
  20. bgbs

    How do I flush my Champion Water Heater

    I have no idea how to flush my aged Champion Water Heater: model# RMI5035SN9 (apparently the internet or google cannot find any information on this manufacturer or model) I watched Youtube video about connecting the hose and unscrewing the little handle with a screwdriver, but my heater has a...
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