flow problems

  1. Smodderman

    Reverse Osmosis waste water expected flow

    Good day, I have been trying to troubleshoot my RO system. I had an under the sink PUR RO system for about 3 months until it stopped producing water. the waste water runs all day and night yet nothing ends up in the tank. I tried replacing the RO membrane (High TDS water, maybe it failed early)...
  2. JoeyDYI80

    Low water flow rate from kitchen faucet

    We installed a new faucet about 2 years ago and all was working well. It is a Krause single side handle. Recently we noticed that the flow rate had decreased for the cold side. After a few more days the hot side also had decreased. We closed and opened the valves under the sink and it actually...
  3. Snorp

    Faucet water flow issue - Obvious answer?

    Good day to all. Situation: My small upstairs full bath was remodeled about two years ago (two-level townhouse). The vanity and the faucet were replaced but I believe that the faucet came packaged with the vanity and the top. I've been getting complaints from my stepdaughter about the low...
  4. icatchlarge

    Pressure flow pipe size question

    Complicated question here but I’ll start: we have a well that feeds our Main house, (over 1 inch line, unsure) then goes to 3/4 in the basement, two filters and a neutralizer, then out running 3/4 line 225 ft winding uphill to a cottage. Pressure issue is up there. a guy dug the whole thing...
  5. ShortPant

    Home Water Pressure vs Flow Issue

    Hello all! First time poster, here. I've searched the forum and couldn't find my situation although I may have missed it. I just moved into a house built in 2011. City Water. During the home inspection, the inspector noticed a reduction in pressure/flow when the water is in use, especially...
  6. John Nunley

    Delta shower valve plugged with sediment

    I have a shower with a Delta 600 series valve, the one with the round stem that moves within the triangular shaped plastic shell. It worked well 4 months ago when the city had a water main break. When the water was turned back on, I ran all my faucets and showers in the house as well as...
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