faucet removal

  1. Snorp

    Faucet removal - Very tight spot - Best way?

    My best wishes to all. I need to replace the faucet on a bathroom vanity as the water flow is unacceptably slow. I've looked at other reasons for the slowness of the flow, but it comes down to the basic design of the faucet - which came with the vanity. I've bought a replacement faucet. I'm...
  2. yfstafford

    Kitchen Sink Supply Lines

    I recently moved into a 1950's house and was planning on replacing the old faucet in the kitchen myself. I'm by no means handy but thought it might be relatively straight forward. However, perhaps because it is an older house, it does not seem to have a typical set up. Looking at the pipes...
  3. JohnON

    Replace exterior faucet

    Hello, I'm looking to replace my exterior faucet and noticed the pipe is twisted. I am new to doing any plumbing but am trying to learn so your help is appreciated. I am looking to get a new faucet and Teflon tape to replace what I currently have. Since I noticed the twisted pipe I am...
  4. Monika

    Bathroom faucet removal

    I am trying to replace all the old bathroom faucets in my house. Only, I can't figure out how to take them off. They do not look like the standard faucets in the online videos. I've unscrewed every screw I can see, and I am stuck. Has anyone encountered these before, and know what to do...
  5. Manu

    Kohler Trend , How do I remove this Bathtub Faucet Stem Sleeve

    I have a leaky bathtub faucet. Have removed the faucet handle. But am not able to figure out, how to remove the stem sleeve, so that I can replace the cartridge. Also, if you can help identify the faucet brand, that will be great.
  6. Greg McK

    How to remove faucet handle for repair?

    Have an older expensive faucet from 1980s. ?sherle wagner. Was not Kohler. Has leak and needs repair but unable to remove. Does the top portion have threads? tried to pop off (gently) and added oil to loosed but to no avail. Please assist. Am desperate to stop the drip, drip, drip...
  7. Gwendolyn L. Anson

    Removing a Faucet with a strange clip

    How do I remove this metal clip which seems like it needs to be pried apart? I'm planning to reinstall the faucet on a new sink...There is one of these on the drain and each handle stem-- you can see another in the back ground. Thanks so much!
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