1. Kbrooks

    Blue Water Mystery

    PLEASE HELP!! We have blue water in our home that is only visible with a full bathtub amount. It isn't light refraction. It stains laundry, tastes like metal, and when left to sit for 24-48 hours, leaves a blue sharp-like looking sludge. It comes and goes every 6-8 months and no one can figure...
  2. michio Marcus Ohno

    Potential Mixed Metals/Electrolysis issue?

    We had a new tankless hot water heater and recirculation pump installed a few years ago. Everything works great and no leaks. However, I was watching Holmes and the issue of mixed metals in plumbing systems causing corrosion and failures was brought up. This made me think of our setup and...
  3. AKBrad

    Copper pipes and electrolysis

    I just bought a house that has copper pipes. The homeowner recently replaced the water softener with an Aqua Rex unit that uses electric pulses that is attached to the copper pipe. I thought electricity corrodes copper pipes. Is this a good idea to use this solution? It doesn't make any...
  4. Kail

    Is electrolysis a issue with copper pipe and steel fasteners?

    I am running all pex in our home that I am plumbing but I have purchased all copper stub ells for coming out of the walls. The ells that I purchased have a 4 hole flange for nailing or screwing the ells to studs. I have always been told that steel and copper should not come in contact with each...
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