clogged kitchen sink

  1. BillHoo

    Kitchen drain - 25 foot auger not clearing

    I have a clog in my kitchen sink that is not at the disposal or P-Trap. I have removed the P-Trap to access the stub out at the wall, and used my 25 foot drum auger with an electric drill connected to it. Last time I did this was 3 years ago and I remember there were maybe five turns in the...
  2. Saratonin

    Apartment AC drain line, washer, kitchen sink all backed up.

    It seems as though in my first floor apartment the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and garbage disposal are all connected as they should be. However, the kitchen sink (double sink) began backing up terribly. If I run the garbage disposal it empties one side of the sink into the other. I took apart all...
  3. Cecilia Buckner

    Kitchen sink backing up into garbage disposal

    Having an issue with the kitchen sink beginning yesterday. Went to run the garbage disposal and water went everwhere. Realized at this point there was also water in the bottom of the dishwasher (I never use). Scooped out the water from the dishwasher and began alternately plugging and...
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