clawfoot tub

  1. M

    clawfloot tub with S-union 1/2 NPS thread

    I am trying to install a clawfoot tub faucet using provided S-union in an inside the wall mount. It's taken me over 2 weeks of research to discover that the S-union is an NPS (straight) thread not a NPT (tapered) thread. After going to too many plumbing supply stores where no one knew the...
  2. Treefrogman

    Nonstandard claw tub drain configuration

    I am plumbing a claw tub drain. I have mostly seen them plumbed straight down from the overflow, with the drain entering horizontally (pic 1). online i see products where the drain goes straight down and the overflow sweeps under to join it (pic 2). in my case there's framing and plumbing in...
  3. Isaac H

    Small ring of water sitting around tub

    So I am in the process of installing my claw foot tub. I have installed the drain and it is not leaking. However, because of the nature of it being an old tub, there is a small ring of water around the tub drain. This is purely because of the deep slope of the drain area and the lack of a...
  4. GoodGuyGreg

    Faucet Handles snapped off, what are my options here ?

    This is an old cast iron tub, it's used almost daily for hand washing big dishes, towels, etc. Both handles have snapped clean. Does this need replacing ? Can this be welded ? How hard would it be to find a whole new fixture ? Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. Wishing you all the best...
  5. Jared Stein

    Clawfoot tub supply line slipping, buckling, leaking

    I'm restoring an old house and think I made a mistake in the installation of rigid supply lines for the clawfoot tub. To be honest, I couldn't find a good guide on how to attach these rigid lines to PEX, so I improvised. The problem I'm having is that the new rigid supply lines occasionally...
  6. Karl Knudson

    Bathtub drain and vent questions

    I have a claw foot tub that I am trying to connect to my main drain stack. The old plumbing was a mess and not up to code but actually worked ok. My inspector said that he would tell me how to fix this mess but that was a few years when I added a different bathroom and remodeled a kitchen. I...
  7. Daenerys

    Move Clawfoot tub without cutting into slab

    I’m in a very old house with a Clawfoot tub that’s about 16 inches away from a side wall and this is wasted space so I’d like to move it over. However, i want to avoid digging the concrete to move the plumbing over. Since they’re exposed anyways is there any way I can simply lengthen the drain...
  8. Scot C

    Clawfoot Tub - Ledger?

    Recently purchased a home with a clawfoot tub that is installed in such a way that you can't really get a shower curtain around it. The lip of the tub appears to be resting on a 2x4 with a bit of trim attached to it. I think it is just cosmetic but would like some confirmation before I start...
  9. Quicker27

    Wet room with clawfoot tub

    Hello all, We are in the process of building our house, doing most of the work ourselves. While designing the layout of the bathroom, we decided to turn the back part, with the tub and shower into one big wet room. The designated is a little over 7' x 64". There will be a ledge separating the...
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