brown water

  1. C

    Brown well water

    Hello everyone, I have a well system in MD that, for the last 10 years or so, experiences brown water after rainfalls. The theory is an earthquake in MD around 2014 caused problems. It's not consistent but moderate to heavy rain events cause varying intensity of yellow/brown water within 10 to...
  2. tecman

    KL filter water color varies from clear to brown

    I have a well water system with H2O2 injection and a 12” KL filter with Clack WS1 valve. I believe we have some IRB because the toilet tanks got orange slime when there was no iron filter. The current issue is that the iron after the KL is all over the place. Sometimes the water out of the KL...
  3. Antlerman

    Salty and Brown After Regeneration

    We had a new softener professionally installed over 2 years ago - Hellenbrand ProMate 6.0. Until recently we've had no issues whatsoever. Recently, though, we've had a problem with very salty and dirty water when first using faucets the morning after a regeneration. My initial reading of...
  4. Rick678

    Brown water from tub spout

    I have noticed a brief burst of orange brown water when turning on water to a tub in a newly remodeled bathroom. This clears after 2 seconds and I get the impression that the brown water is accumulating in or very close to spout in this just this system. The shower does not ever put out any...
  5. Koby2270

    Brown well water and well depth question

    I'm looking for some advice to improve my well water. Last week our water stopped flowing. After some troubleshooting I figured out that our submersible pump was not working. I bought a new pump from Lowe's. It's a Zoeller 1/2 hp. Probably not the wisest decision but it fit the budget and was...
  6. Denise Flinchbaugh

    Brown Water after Well Power Reset

    I am on a deep well - live in Colorado. Suddenly this morning while use tap, water abruptly quit running. I checked power panel and circuit was on. Reset the main power junction box for the well and pressure tank by turning the handle to off then back to on. The water is now running again...
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