1. dpw-ct

    Bosch Dishwasher Noise not cleaning

    Getting a noise like motor issue in my Bosch Dishwasher SHE58C0UC/54. 12 years old. Dishes don't clean I don't think water is circulating properly. Could not find obvious blocking the drain/recirc area. Any thoughts on what might be wrong and how to fix. Thanks
  2. Dbohn75

    Bosch Aquastar 125FX LP Water Heater Not Working

    I have a second tankless heater in our home and it has worked great for a number of years. Over the last few months it has randomly stopped lighting and now will not light at all. I have cleaned the pilot and burners, replaced the main water valve and have tried to bypass the pilot by using a...
  3. Rossroto

    Bosch Greentherm T990 SE 199 - Loud Click When Firing

    Hi there - I'm trying to troubleshoot why this Bosch Greentherm T990 SE 199 is making a loud click/clunk noise when firing. Here's a video with the noise. Is this being caused by a defective/obstructed valve? Someone on reddit suggested it could be a water adjustment valve and also suggested...
  4. shane rowles

    Question on my new Bosch Greenstar 151 combi install

    I am not a plumber so I paid to have my Bosch Greenstar 151 Combi floor model installed. I converted from a single zone coal boiler to a three zone gas boiler. The original plan was to add the Bosch Greenstar FW200 Weather Compensation Boiler Control and outdoor sensor to make my new install...
  5. aktartt

    Aquastar 170 way too hot!

    My Aquastar 170 natural gas tankless has been working faithfully since about 1985. My handyman recently descaled it, and since then the water output has been way too hot. It's been several years since the temperature control knob had any effect, but I've always managed to add enough cold water...
  6. carriagehousereno

    Bosch GWH 1600 H NG Not getting Hot enough

    So about a week or two ago we started to notice that the hot water temp was a little low. I checked the two dials and adjusted them accordingly, turned the Flame up and the flow rate down as instructed in the manul. Nothing really changed. To give you an idea, we used to have to turn on the...
  7. Nachi

    Removing all rear leveling legs in a BOSCH dishwasher - Any service issues?

    I am planning to remove all rear leveling legs in a BOSCH dishwasher to fit into a 33 1/2 space. Has anyone experienced issues with leaking or problems at the time to service the unit as a result of lowering to the ground? Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. JIM77

    Bosch tankless GWH 2400 NG temp goes high and low

    Bosch gwh 2400 es ng temp will not hold setting. example 108 deg set will then blink and water goes to very high then must hit a limit and goes to less than 108 . This continues until unit is shut off and reset. It may work a week then returns to this flucuation. The unit was descaled and the...
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