booster pump

  1. Allthumbs2

    Will a pressure booster pump improve volume with galvanized pipes?

    I have a large three-story house with old corroded galvanized pipes. The main line comes in at the lowest of the three levels. Some of the fixtures have fine volume but many do not. The water pressure is about 40 PSI when checked at a hose bib. I realize the difference between volume and...
  2. Saad

    How to determine the Booster pump size for irrigation system

    Hi Pros, I purchased 7 oscillating sprinklers for my back yard and would like to buy a booster pump for my irrigation system to avoid any low pressure or malfunctioning of the system knowing that I will be turning it on automatically after midnight in order not to affect the house water supply...
  3. Kantdaddy

    Grundfos CMBE Booster Pump

    I have a CMBE 5-62 installed in my crawlspace. It is on city water, but with low pressure. Lately, the pump is running intermittently when there is no water demand. It runs for 6 seconds with 21 seconds of rest. so, basically all night long it runs for 6 seconds, every 30 seconds. What could...
  4. WayneA

    The downhill neighbor in my small cabin community is sucking water out of my cabin

    I have a small cabin in a 12 cabin community which is spring fed (spring flow is about 5 gpm). The water flows from our spring box into a 5000 gallon storage tank. The community was built in the 50's and the water system was originally designed to work off of gravity flow alone. In the upper...
  5. JeremyF559

    Do I need to take the distance from the booster pump to the house into consideration?

    Do I need to take the distance from the pump to the house into consideration when choosing a booster pump? The storage tank and booster pump will be about 150 feet away from the house all on flat ground and the house is a single story. We’re needing at least 50psi inside the house. I’m looking...
  6. Wendell McQuary

    Booster pump vs Shallow jet well pump.

    I am a first time well owner. I share a well with the neighbor. He has the deep well pump and storage tank. The old pump in our well house was going out. It was a 1 hp Grundfos pump. I bought and installed a 1 hp Red Lion jet well pump. The pump goes directly into our Water Tech water...
  7. billysaw10101

    Need a pump controller for multiple apartments

    I recently bought a PUMP CONTROLLER for the booster pump which is supplying 8 apartments. My plumber says the controller I bought was too small for the number of apartments it is servicing. Anybody know what is the best size of controller to use for a higher demand like that. Or for a 10 room...
  8. ddbuster

    Well Storage Tank Replacement / Booster Pump / Cycle Stop?

    Looking for some advise Current storage tank needs to be replaced. 4 BR two story, water comes into house from basement. Wife has also complained for years about low water pressure especially upstairs in the shower, also takes forever for hot water to make it up two floors Have been thinking...
  9. Dave3333

    Water volume low, will pressure booster alone help?

    First time posting. I read through other booster pump posts but dont think they directly answered my question. I'm having an issue with water pressure/volume at my house. House was built in 1938. Turning on one faucet no real problem. But turn more than one on or use an appliance like washer...
  10. Frank Demarest

    Big booster pump, small well pump

    We bought a house last spring, and it has the following setup: a) 3/4 HP well pump, 315 ft deep. Good for 5 gal/min (maybe more). b) 32 gallon Amtrol WX-203 tank, switch controls between 60 and 80 PSI c) whole-house cartridge filter (for sprinklers and all of house) d) 1.5 HP automatic booster...
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