bathtub drain

  1. Lucky Leafy

    material of bathtub drain

    Why aren't the flexible pipes used in bathtub drain? such as copper hose and PVC corrugated pipes .
  2. ShopTalk

    Stubborn Clog Removal

    This thread is for discussions on how to remove stubborn drain clogs that have not responded to typical consumer grade chemical and mechanical solutions such as plungers, hand operated snakes 8 to 10 feet in length, and common brand name chemical drain openers, e.g. Drano, Green Gobbler, etc...
  3. Brady

    Bathtub Drain and Overflow

    Installing a new tub. The old tub had ABS slip fittings and a trip lever style stopper. There was no access panel. I would like to keep the trip lever style of drain in the new tub. But I cannot find a solvent weld drain kit with a trip lever. Everything is slip fittings. Am I missing something...
  4. UrbanNest

    Bathtub overflow doesn't do its job, AquaCanada

    Hi there peeps! I had the bathtub position relocated (brand new plumbing except for the column) and a brand new free standing bathtub installed. When the water reaches the overflow, the overflow does not do its job. If I don't stop the water flowing into the bathtub= disaster waiting to happen...
  5. Jayson T

    Bath tub drain assembly and how to replace it.

    I would like to remove my old drain basket and replace it with a new one. However, it doesn’t appear to by a typical drain with the crossbars. I’m afraid to torque on it and mess it up or find out it’s not threaded etc. has anyone had experience removing this trip of drain?
  6. Girafdaniels

    Venting a basement bathtub

    The last element to plumb in my basement bath/laundry remodel is the bathtub drain. Like pretty much everything else, it was done poorly (or outright incorrectly!) when the house was built. The photo shows the plumbing that I’ve done in the hole that was already there. It wasn’t vented...
  7. -Bri

    Tub drain replacement rubber ring

    When replacing the drain on a bathtub, should there be space between the rubber gasket on top of the PVC and the bottom of the tub?
  8. Lonnie

    Bathtub filling with AC condensate water

    Let me apologize in advance... I have a tendency to write long posts and I'm pretty sure this one will be no exception. About a week and a half ago, I noticed a dripping sound between the common wall for my master bathroom and guest bathroom (which we never use because the toilet needs to be...
  9. Itallia

    Advice on plumbing for new free-standing tub

    Hey all, remodeling my master bath (3rd floor), replacing the old acrylic shower/tub unit with a clawfoot tub. Want to make sure I'm doing the plumbing correctly. This is a picture of the actual space with overlay of the plan. Tub outline (roughly) in black. Plumbing pipes in white, yellow for...
  10. Tony5289

    Bathtub Rough-In: tub drain, p-trap, secondary drain line

    I appreciate your advice on this freestanding bathtub rough-in done by my renovation contractor. Is this set-up correct? If not: what is wrong with it? If we used this set-up: what might be bad impact/consequences? Most important: What should be the correct and best/practical set-up? Please...
  11. Michael Lee

    Bathtub drain not connected to drain pipe; bathwater draining into foundation

    Hello. We bought a small single-story house in San Diego last year (built in 1970), and there was a mildew smell in the master bedroom/bathroom area. The exhaust fan in the bathroom was broken so we thought that this was the cause of the mildew. The house inspection didn't turn up anything...
  12. FeelingDrained

    Bathtub Drain Tie-In - Help Needed!

    First, I just want to take a moment to thank Terry for this wonderful and informative forum! Although I have some remodeling experience, I have been reading quite a bit over the past few days, and have learned a great deal. Thank you! Now, on to the problem at hand. Last week we discovered that...
  13. Newmantjn

    P Trap Too Close to Joist

    Hi Everyone; I'm hoping you can give me some suggestions on how to handle this problem. I'm installing a new tub. The tub requires 14 1/4" from the wall to the drain. The original drain was about 13 1/2 inches from the wall. My thought was that I would cut the copper drain pipe...
  14. seawife2

    Flexible PVC vs. fixed brass bathtub overflow/drain

    I am a newbie doing a bath remodel and new tub installation. Question whether flexible PVC drain/overflow would be a good way to go in installing a new tub. Seems to be the easiest way to go in getting a good, easy fit, but is this durable and long lasting? We also plan to replace the Ptrap.
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