air chambers

  1. Girafdaniels

    Solve a water hammer upstream?

    My upstairs shower has an annoying water hammer issue when turning the water on/off “upstream” of the shower. For example, when water is turned on/off for the faucet (or toilet) in the same bathroom, the shower will “knock” right at the valve. I’ve been able to ensure that the valve itself (and...
  2. Bob123456

    Water hammer problems whole house.

    Hi Everyone I had a water filtration system installed by a professional company recently and am experiencing water hammer throughout the house. It is most noticeable in my main floor powder room that has a new toilet. After the toilet is flushed a random series of bangs and (water hammer)...
  3. DYIWannabe

    Water Hammer Mystery

    After a master bathroom remodel (new shower tiles and valves), every time the toilet flush or any faucet within 50 feet closes, there's a knocking sound from wall and ceiling with the shower. The piping is CPVC and PEX just at the shower. I tried a small hammer arrestor at the toilet and...
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