1. Mr Blint

    not having much luck with slow drip on 3/4 copper/brass compression union

    Although the alignment of the pipes is good, my 3/4 copper + brass compression unions are leaking. A single drip every five minutes or so. Three of them have this issue. There's no visible damage on any of them. I've loosened and retightened the threads on all of them and one eventually...
  2. J

    Does anyone sell 3/4" dia. pipe frost-free sillcocks?

    Does anyone sell 3/4" dia. pipe frost-free sillcocks? The current pipe going through the wall is 3/4" galvanized with a ball valve on the outside. My concern is flow. It's also difficult to imagine how a frost-free (especially a 1/4 turn ball-type) can flow anything like a non-frost-free. TIA
  3. acaciolo

    PEX Manifold 1 1/4 x 12 port 3/4" question, Tee or not to Tee

    I am doing a large project that has 16 3/4" PEX cold feeds to various bathrooms, pool filler, high flow faucets, etc. and 16 3/4" hot feeds to the same places. We have a 1 1/4" line coming from the 35 gpm well so our manifolds will be two 1 1/4" input x 8 3/4" outputs for the cold side and...
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