3-handle shower faucet

  1. Johnny_Fear

    Corrosion isolated to one bathroom/3-handle shower/tub question

    First of all, thanks to Terry for such a great forum. I've learned things here that have helped fixed some previous issues though I'm not a poster. I'm going to do my best to keep this short but be forewarned it won't be. We renovated a bathroom almost 13 years ago. Contractor was almost...
  2. Samuel Shlozberg

    Extra turn to start water running Price Pfister 3-handled shower

    I have replaced a leaky hot water handle cartridge (and seat) in an old Price Pfister 3-handle shower. Leak has stopped but now I need to turn the handle about 270 degrees before the water starts running. What did I do wrong?
  3. Boezimm

    Tub-Shower Valve Stem ID/Removal/Replacement

    My 30+ year old 3-handle shower-tub faucet is no longer functioning correctly. The hot-cold water flow and temperature (due to the hot-cold water mixing) are fine when diverted to the tub spout, but not through the shower head. From my layman's view, it appears that the diverter valve needs to...
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