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    Well water sulfur and tannin problem

    Will move to the Softener Forum where you should get more help.
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    Well Water Whole House Filter

    Welcome to the forum. I will move this to the Softener Forum where you should get more help.
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    Looking for advice on sizing...pipes for my well

    Stay with the larger pipe as far as you can. There are lots of better and more deserving places to purchase filters or anything else you need.
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    Hello, new to forum. Well pump replace

    Any 1/2HP, 10 or 12 GPM series pump will work. You can get these at TS or any box store. I would use 160# poly in 1" with metal (brass or SS) double long barb fittings and two hose clamps each.
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    Pressure/flow drop after installing the pressure tank.

    If the filter had been in the picture we would not have wasted so much time. Glad you got it working.
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    Pressure/flow drop after installing the pressure tank.

    What Reach said. And the 30/50 is pretty low to start with. Tighten the large adjustment screw in the pressure switch about 3 full turns to the right and see how 40/60 works.
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    Pressure loss

    Educating themselves on how a their pump system works is never a waste of time. Most people are here asking questions because they have had and paid for several "professionals" to fix the problem, yet the problem persist. With a little education they realize many "professionals" are not...
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    Pressure/flow drop after installing the pressure tank.

    Take the cover off the pressure switch so you can see the points open and close, while also looking at the pressure gauge. 30/50 is pretty low pressure to start with, but does the pressure go from 30 to 50 or just stay at say 20 while you are using water as described above?
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    Miltiple pressure tanks?

    It is not good to have multiple pressure tanks in different locations. They will not fill at the same time and cause the pump to cycle on again to finish filling the second tank. Remove the second tank and make sure the pressure switch is with the first tank. If one tank is not enough and...
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    Pressure/flow drop after installing the pressure tank.

    If 5.5 GPM is all the pump can supply, I am sure the tub and faucet are using more than 5.5 GPM, which is why the pressure goes low and stays low. You would need a larger pump if you want to use larger water.
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    Pressure Switch dilemma: 2wells 2 outputs

    The red and blue handled ball valves are both on the outlet side of their respective pressure tanks/switches. You can close either or both as you please. But as long as the check valves in the wells are working you do not have to close them.
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    Pressure tank stopped filling

    Jet pump or submersible? Picture please.
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    Pressure loss

    "City Pressure Booster Pump" LOL! I wish I had a multi-million dollar marketing division who could make people think it is possible to get a silk purse from a sow's ear. All I have is a pump control that has been working flawlessly for over 30 years, doesn't cost very much, and lasts a long...
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    Very Strange Priming Problem

    Picture? Pump model number or something? What kind of pump is it?
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