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  1. Neil Binda

    Help ID'ing a mixing cartridge

    No problem . Just be sure to use that old adapter on the cartridge on the new one .
  2. Neil Binda

    Help ID'ing a mixing cartridge

    This looks like a Huber valve . Another part is still stuck in the rough in Suppliers like Watermark , California faucets, Moen and Huber also uses the same rough in. You still have to remove the other part in the valve . Attached is the cartridge you need as well
  3. Neil Binda

    Tub faucet unknown

    Hi everyone I have this unknown bathtub fixture that needs a cartridge replacement Does anyone recognize this unit ? @Marlinman would Barry Walter have the stems for this ? Thanks !
  4. Neil Binda

    Shower knob ID and fix

    Can you take a picture of the whole shower system . This just looks like an and off. Like I mention it looks like all you need is a plastic adapter that bites onto the handle as this is the reason why it was dropping . If we see the picture of the system we might be to identify it and confirm...
  5. Neil Binda

    Help with ice maker water line connection

    Please do not apply t tape on a compression fitting either . When you tighten the ferrule to the nut it will make the seal.
  6. Neil Binda

    Squeaky Hansgrohe shower valve

    Thanks Jeff. I was replying to the client who had recent issues. I had no idea I had replied to a post that was 11 years old until you mentioned it LOL DOH!
  7. Neil Binda

    Squeaky Hansgrohe shower valve

    You sure it has nothing to do with the check valves being clogged ?
  8. Neil Binda

    Terry Love is dealing with some cancer now

    Hope you get better soon. Just remember tough times don't last tough people do.
  9. Neil Binda

    Here we Grohe again, back flow preventer stuck in valve body

    Try using a tool like this . This should actually help getting out the old ones out . Did you try using this tool ? This can be very tricky . The actually control the flow of the valve and is needed . When installing the new ones put Greese around the o rings . If you don't sometimes these...
  10. Neil Binda

    Unknown faucet

    Unfortunately I didn't . I will have them measured. Thanks for your quick response.
  11. Neil Binda

    Grohe Concetto shower faucet problem

    That looks to be correct in terms of the part number you provided. Different valves have different cartidges. Grohe is based on the year as well as some other suppliers. Maybe if you have the original bill you can contact Grohe to send one under warranty on your end ?
  12. Neil Binda

    Unknown faucet

    Hi everyone . I'm attaching faucet stems and the faucet. I'm not sure of who the make is. Any help would be appreciated . Perhaps @Marlinman you would know who makes these ? Thank you .
  13. Neil Binda

    Grohe Concetto shower faucet problem

    You mentioned the model number on the Grohe valve. What you mentioned is two separate valves. Neil.
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