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  1. Jeff H Young

    Basement finishing - making a cleanout flush

    Definately worth trying to screw it down and cut it off as john said . its also pretty easy to de-bond the Tom Cap fitting and peel it out, and glue in a new fitting lower but I think thatll work too. Concrete finish is often a bit wavy around a pipe through a slab so just check that...
  2. Jeff H Young

    Room heater advice

    same one from post 4 its 350 dollars
  3. Jeff H Young

    Used wrong size trowel for wall tile

    Im no tile guy but for some odd reason facinated with the trade , and New ways vs old ways withen the industry , not a lot of action on here One guy Jadnashua really knows a lot . its goiod to share on here there are at least one really good Tile Forum not sure Im supposed to...
  4. Jeff H Young

    Sanity check - clothes washer and laundry sink venting fix

    Totaly agree, I was thinking dry wall damage but it might be a single story one hole in the basement another in the attic Tie in with K/S vent in attic kind of deal Ive put 2 or 3 drill bit extentions together to drill fire blocks in between . My guess is wet venting...
  5. Jeff H Young

    Sanity check - clothes washer and laundry sink venting fix

    Id never wet vent between floors even if legal unless I ran it a couple pipe sizes over . so in your case id concider how your final drawing is except Id add either a vent or aav at the laundry sink.
  6. Jeff H Young

    epoxy coating to repair copper water pipe leak

    Well if youy think he had another reason to do what he did I cant think of one He also mentioned a company was scheduled today to come look for a leak . I agree his test probebly not a good test.
  7. Jeff H Young

    epoxy coating to repair copper water pipe leak

    it means he put a guage on it and turned the water off and the pressure dropped? Seems reasonable to expect it to drop but to me what is unknown is how bad is that ? other than that number 63 to 40 psi yes it equalls 23 psi drop but no indication for me to calculate possible...
  8. Jeff H Young

    Room heater advice

    In warm so ca those heaters were popular in the 50s. Ive never seen one installed new in my short 37 years here though. I see a new in box unit for 350 on ebay dayton same model number or probebly cheaper go baseboard 1500 watts is 1500 watts take your pick and take your...
  9. Jeff H Young

    epoxy coating to repair copper water pipe leak

    cjccmc, Me to Id be interested to hear any details and happy to give opinion or learn from your report back from your plumbing company its definately a specialty , not just the epoxy but , slab leaks are a specialty just in finding them many of us hire out the leak detection.
  10. Jeff H Young

    Which water valve for replacement?

    use whatever you want since the pipe is new . but I wouldnt Id use the saw just know you might be busing open the wall . you could use a mini copper cutter I suppose but again I wouldnt unless I had good reason
  11. Jeff H Young

    Are there any reliable freeze-proof outdoor shower assemblies?

    That works fine ! A lot of plumbing involves the look if you like the look then its perfect for your application
  12. Jeff H Young

    epoxy coating to repair copper water pipe leak

    I ve done both busted hole in slab repaired leak , or replaced a section overhead and abandon the one line thats underground , ran a new hot only another way or full repipe
  13. Jeff H Young

    Kitchen Faucet Replacement

    Id toss them in the garbage
  14. Jeff H Young

    P-Trap Help Please

    Its not obvious to me one way or the other . is this a bathroom added with all new plumbing and the vanity was there all along? Or was there a sink there before and the wall was never open ? What specificaly was discused with contactor? Weve all had this situation...
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