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  1. Jeff H Young

    Kitchen Stove plug

    round conection should be ground the ones on the sides are hot one on top in pic should be neutral.
  2. Jeff H Young

    Horizontal 90 into sanitee?

    Id use a long sweep 90
  3. Jeff H Young

    Watts 3/4 PRV strainer plug socket size or special tool?

    Especialy since the OP didnt tell us he needed bigger or smaller but 32 mm theoreticaly should be .010 " larger than 1 1/4
  4. Jeff H Young

    Watts 3/4 PRV strainer plug socket size or special tool?

    so what size exactly should a 1 1/4 1.250" socket be that it wont fit a 1.240 nut? I don't make a practice of measuring the wrenches or exact bolt head sizes. its too sloppy? the nut is 12 sided not 6? 32 mm is 1.260 inches so if 1 1/4 is too small try 32 mm
  5. Jeff H Young

    Are emergency plumbers trustworthy?

    are ---------- trustworthy? fill in blank Typically I consider a Service and repair plumber or a construction plumber to be the 2 most common . Some/ many cross over to different types work . A construction Plumber you don't call at 10 o'clock at night for...
  6. Jeff H Young

    Condensate - Wall Drain or Floor Drain?

    Heck yes its neater , to run a standpipe or throw a utility sink close by with a wye branch , Takes a little space cost a few bucks but might be handy to have a sink. Might have a water heater nearby to consider too
  7. Jeff H Young

    European faucet installation advice

    I seem to remember some brands having 10 mm compression ends on the faucet and getting adapters with the faucet that make 1/2 inch standard ends but that 3/8 x1/2 adapters wouldn't fit the tube was 10 millimeter cant be that hard to call a supplier. let us know where you find it
  8. Jeff H Young

    Moving valve location to opposite valve under alcove bathtub

    Sure we do that strap pipe to face of studs. why drill it out?
  9. Jeff H Young

    Uponor PEX problem ALERT

    I think we all find these few stories alarming . There are many thousands of copper leaks each year And Mark feels pretty good about the track record on his home and I see very good service from copper, I've also repiped houses as new as 17 years that had copper. And heard...
  10. Jeff H Young

    Trap Arm or Obstruction issue?

    cant read correction notice so cant guess what you were written up for. I wonder if its about you reducing the trap arm from 4 inches at the san tee to 3 inch I don't see anything wrong with it unless the id on the connection is smaller than your 3 inch abs if that's the case...
  11. Jeff H Young

    Terry Love is dealing with some cancer now

    Hang in there! beautiful picture My Wife and I are just booking a trip from Seattle to Alaska cruise july 2023 hope to see some of Washington
  12. Jeff H Young

    Basement toilet install with rear discharge

    swiss madison smwt442 wall hung 7 1/8 inch waste rough in you could go higher but verify kinda ugly and you gotta buy a carrier just look around for others too . standard for rear outlet floor mounts are usually lower
  13. Jeff H Young

    Is this flue ok???

    Ive got no info either except I think its likely asbestos not guessing the condition I think it could very well be in fine condition.
  14. Jeff H Young

    Adding Additional Water Shutoff

    buying a tool My opinion is a waste especialy for many hundreds if not few grand. what amounts to a single joint a male adapter is the only single joint needed or desireable
  15. Jeff H Young

    Adding Additional Water Shutoff

    ok here is a clean way to build this. on top of regulator change the sweat union to IPS cut that crap out above the loop and hose bib. On top of union screw a brass nipple then a brass tee (1x1x3/4 threaded) the 3/4 will be for a new bib on top of tee another 1 inch nipple...
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