Retired military ( THE REAL MILITARY ), (go ahead ask me), grew up on 3 islands & one foreign country in the pacific in a military family, joined the military primarily to stay overseas a couple more islands & 2 more foreign countries. Retired from the military & went owner operator plumbing for 14 years. Jump on Mac flights now occasionally & travel mostly USA seeing the national monuments & parks. In Florida have a boat lots of fishing till recently, age & hits I took in the military catching up to me. Hydroponics, growing mostly tomatoes indoors, did outside for 20 years but too irritating fighting the blights, birds, insects, etc so moved all indoors 2 car garage & have great tomatoes not like that no flavor / smell store bought krap they call tomatoes. Still travel & fish once in a while but no diving since retired & moved to the states. Between my wife & two girlfriends there are 5 cats in this house. I make my own cat food (raw), grind the meat the whole 9 yards, the 5 cats eat 1.5 pounds of meat a day.
Have good sense of humor so keep that in mind if you ever read something I've managed to beat into this computer, & I don't have much in computer knowledge or etticit so please excuse my lack thereof, am luky if I can find the smell right button on these dam things. Also missed typed my DOB on this form but I guess it's ok if you think im that young.
V / R Dwayne
Retired military, retired plumber, still fishing



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