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    Fasco blower motor

    Oem part number if ever match a generic pt number never seen it happen. Wheel size, rotation or housing might have different flange or motor mount. Blower manufacturer won't tell u.
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    New blower motor shakes

    Factory blower motors, condenser fans can't be sized by hp on name plate. Only amperage. If motor name plate in 6.1 amps and new motor is 6.0 amps have to go to 3/4 hp. These motors have service factor of 1 which means they can't be overloaded by .1 amp or will fail in no time
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    Navien NCB190/060h - new install questions

    3/4" copper Slant fin doesn't even show btu output till 150° water. Well design floor radiate runs 5-10° over thermostat set point. Running two separate water temps is possible but for 2020 btu's its not going to be inexpensive. The three loops are you planing for one zone or more?
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    Navien NCB190/060h - new install questions

    If u looked at post 3 the navien manual has a piping diagram of the secondary loop with pump ex tank and air elimination. Yes you will need all three and possibly a controller for hot water priority ( have to look into the install manual).
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    Fasco blower motor

    To pull the blower wheel they.make a tool for easy pulling. Clean the wheel and housing with a garden hose and dish soap. Hub good and tight? Sand the shaft, spray it with wd40 wheel gets caught up on what the set screw does to the shaft. Puller uses set screws tighten on the hub keep set screws...
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    Navien NCB190/060h - new install questions

    How many loops, lenghts and pex size?
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    Thermal Switch Keeps Tripping on LP Water Heater

    Check all the electric terminations and how clean they are. Working with a less than 1 volt. Heres the tech line 1-800-999-9515. Couldn't find a manual on their site.
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    Heat Pump - Bryant vs Goodman

    Contractor is more important than the equipment. Best equipment installed incorrectly it won't perform or last. Has the existing equipment have u been happy with the performance? Have any flow problems that can be addressed? Change windows, doors, siding or insulation might want to look at the...
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    Navien NCB190/060h - new install questions

    Ex tank doesn't care where its located just piped correctly. Navien makes a primary loop fitting for that boiler to pipe the system with a primary secondary loop configuration.
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    Recommendation for heater that handles prewarmed water

    Being off grid how would u power a instant water heater they consume a lot of power. Their sized by gpm, coldest incoming water temp and output temperature.
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    3-Way Switches and Dimmers

    Could use this or the smart switches with wifi*Version*=1&*entries*=0&th=1
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    Is this flue ok???

    Since the stack is cement just use a standard vented 50 gallon heater. Looking at the tech specs standard verses encore $7 difference operating cost.
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    Watts 3/4 PRV strainer plug socket size or special tool?

    Trace the nut cut it out take it to the store for a match. Could also use a box end wrench. Like with a electric water heater element had to machine the end to get more of the socket on the element because sockets have a rolled edge. 1.24 = 31.496 mmq
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    Series Loop vs 2 Pipe Direct Return for Boiler

    Yours in silver next to a tee right behind boiler
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    Series Loop vs 2 Pipe Direct Return for Boiler

    Easy to check zone supply and return temps. Each fin tube needs to check in and out. Use a electronic thermometer with probes ( under $30 ) can hold the probe with a rag and not a non contact. Air scoop is piped wrong needs 18" of straight pipe minimum on inlet and one zone doesn't go through...
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