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  • Hello Bob999
    You got me thinking of the pressure loss of the 9100 vs 9500, with 9500 having less pressure loss but meter accuracy of 1.5gpm and >, which is not good for residential apps.You mentioned the Fleck 7000 and how it has higher flow rates vs 9100 with less pressure loss. I plan to split the irrigation zones, and was thinking maybe I could get the 7000 and manually regenerate it before I would run the various zones. I found alot of positive posts you made about the 7000. I was hoping you could answer a few questions.The 7000sxt spec sheet has the meter accuracy as 2-40gpm. Is that correct? It is greater than the 9500 meter accuracy, which was not be good for the residential apps? On the spec sheet it has 27.7 & 28.4 gpm at 50 spi, but does not list psi loss? Would you know where I can find the gpm psi loss info? With the 1.25" distributor tube & 4.5cu/ft resin, would the 7000sxt would be good for home use and partial zones irrigation use? I appreciate your reply.Thank you.
    Here's another question for inlet line on the plumbing is 3/4" CPVC. The Fleck 7000 has a 1" inlet flow valve. Obviously I could redo my inlet line from the well bladder to the softener as 1", but do you know of any 3/4" to 1" adapters for CPVC? If not, any thoughts on the 9000 SXT? That appears to be available in a 3/4" inlet....

    Thanks again,

    You seem to genuinely be willing to educate me on what I need, which is why I'm sending you a PM.

    Having said that, I'm fairly confident that a Fleck 7000 with SST resin is what I want to go with. Any suggestions on where to purchase this? You stated it can be had for under 700, but just about everywhere I check it's around 900ish. Furthermore, any suggestions/comments regarding a pre-filter for the system? My thoughts are to catch large sediments/reduce the risk of destroying your system should the well run dry, etc.

    Overall, I think that others have stated a Fleck is an excellent valve. With the additional media efficiency, I think it'll work for me. I'll need help setting up the timer, but I'll tackle that when I get there.

    Thanks in advance,
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