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Thread: Valley Faucet Repair

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    Default Valley Faucet Repair

    How do you remove the cartridge (probably a VP1965) from a single handle Valley Faucet single-handle kitchen faucet with diverter? I cannot find a retaining clip. Is there something more than the screw-off cap that needs to be removed, a special tool/technique, or just pull harder?

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    Talking valley faucets

    it is a palstic cartridge, they ususally
    need some prying along the bottom lip
    between the brass and plastic with
    something like a knife, sharp screwdriver...

    they usually come out fairley easily....

    the trick can be to to match that cartridge...

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    Default Valley Faucet Repair - Thanks

    Thanks for the advice; I was able to extract the cartridge -- it took considerable force to get it to come out because of scaling. Now I'll search for the replacement...

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    Default Faucet Repair Successful

    Thanks for the help and advice. The repair was successful and it's important to ensure that the bottom O-ring from the original cartridge is removed. I found the cartridge I needed at Teter's Faucet Supply, 6337 Oram St, Dallas, TX 75214 - (214) 823-2153.


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