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Thread: Draining bathtub problem

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    Default Draining bathtub problem

    Within the last two weeks, I had a problem where nothing in my house drained. The bathtub and toilet would drain, but it took hours. I at first thought it was a venting problem, so I climbed up on my roof and flushed the vents. While flushing the vents the level of water in the bathtub increased. I had the local septic company out, and after pumping the septic, they had to snake the main line. They snaked it from the toilet vent on the roof. I watched from the septic tank opening, and saw the clog break free, and open up the main line. Everything drained fine after that.

    Fast forward to this morning. While taking a shower the water in the bathtub started backing up. The toilet level went down (not sure if there was bubbling or gurglin), and when it did, the tub drained without any problem.

    Any ideas what may be causing this since I just had the main line cleaned?

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    Depending on the age of your system and the size of the tank you may have a failed leach field and the tank is full and backing up in the house again. Are there any trees in line with or within 75' left and right of the line going out to the tank? How old is the leaching system?

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    Default Didnt need to pump the tank

    That is what they told me after they were done pumping it. They stated the laterals were working fine. They just pumped the tank because it was open.


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