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Thread: Remodeling Bathroom

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    Default Remodeling Bathroom

    I'm in the process of remodeling my bathroom and have couple of questions... Do Tubs and Showers have a Vent Pipe? In all the diagrams I've seen, for some reason only sinks have vent pipes... I have a shower and the rub on the the opposite side of the main stack and not sure if I need to run a separate vent pipe.

    Shoud this
    be here?
    Shower ?? Tub
    ____________ ?? _________________

    ____________ _________________

    O Main Stack 3"

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    In my area all drains must be vented. You need to find out what codes are in your area to know what needs to be done.

    Draw a diagram and post it as an attachment or upload it to a photo album site like photobucket.com

    Your design didn't work out too well on this format.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    Everything should have a vent.

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    Default Remodeling Bathrooms


    Thanks a lot for a quick reply... I'm a home owner and trying to do this myself... Let me try to describe my set-up...

    If you look from the door to the bathroom,
    I'm planning to place a shower in the left corner of the room...
    Tub is on the same wall as the shower (on the left far side)...
    Sink is on the right in the middle of the right wall and toilet is on the right far side...

    Behind the toilet there is a main stack...

    Now for the questions...
    Do I need a separate vent for the shower and the tub or can I combine the two... If I can, what connection should I use to connect drain to the vent.

    What connection should I use to connect shower drain pipe with the tub drain pipe, (Shower is 2" and Tub I think 1 1/4" or 1 1/2")

    Most of the existing drains including main stack is copper... What connection should I use if I want to run new drain using PVC...

    Right now existing, there is a 1 1/2" drain pipe comming from the kitchen to the main stack and connects to the main drain to the pipe comming from the toilet to the main stack... How can I replace this 1 1/2" copper drain pipe with 2" PVC and connect it to the main stack, I don't think I can find 3" => 2" copper fittings, at least I did not see them in the Home Depot...

    Can I cut existing connections to the toilet and to this 1 1/2" drain pipe, and use PVC for the toilet, but then what connector can I use to connect PVC from the toilet and 2" new PVC pipe to the main copper stack...

    Sorry for sooooo many questions, but I could not find any diagrams that would help me with this... If you have some pictures, it would help me a lot...

    Thanks in advance...


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    Default Bathroom Remodel

    Terry, attached is a crude .bmp file I just put together of my set-up...

    Thanks, again...
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Each trap needs its own vent. What size are the DWV lines?

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    Default Remodeling Bathroom

    The main stack is 3", the rest are either 1 1/2" and 2" drain pipes...


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