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Thread: Marble over laminate cabinet ?

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    Question Marble over laminate cabinet ?

    I plan on removing the cultured marble countertop (which have sinks) that is over a single laminate cabinet and replacing it with a real marble (with new sink and faucet) countertop. This is in a small vanity area of 36" wide by 22" deep. So the countertop will go from side wall to side wall.

    Do you think I'll run into any problems doing this? I know that real marble will be heavier but there is a support screwed into the back wall at the studs. And the sides will go over the side panels of the cabinet, which are in from the wall about 2". So I think the support should be there. I'm going to make new doors for the cabinet and paint it all.

    Because of the plumbing being crazy (the water feeds come from the floor and the waste pipe goes into the right wall), it would be a bear to put in a new cabinet. They must have built the cabinet in place and I'd like to avoid that extra expense. The cabinet itself is very very solid.

    Thanks for any advice or tips.

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    It shouldn't be any problem at all...I have a 3cm granite slab on a stock cabinet, and no hint of any problems.
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    If you caulked the entire countertop to the wall, it would help to minimize movement and prolong the life of the cabinet underneath.

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    Thank you both!

    I'll definitely plan on caulking around the countertop.

    Now I'm waiting for the sink to come in so that I can make up a template for the granite folks.

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    Granite or marble? I'm confused cuz you've said both.
    I have marble on a bathroom sink and don't like it. It's soft and porous.
    OTOH, I love the granite in the kitchen. That shizzle is indestructible.

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    Sorry I do keep saying marble but I definitely mean granite !

    I love the look of some of the marble but I know it's just not going to hold up.


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