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Thread: Setting a Toto Aquia - Flange & Wax ring?

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    Default Setting a Toto Aquia - Flange & Wax ring?


    I am almost finished painting the new bathroom and will finally be able to set the Aquia. First things first though.

    While studying the bottom of the plastic adapter that is supplied with the Aquia I see there is very little space to accomodate the floor flange and the wax ring.

    At this point I only have a stub in the floor for the drain so I'll need to add the flange and it will be secured directly to the finished floor. HD has solid PVC flanges as well as PVC flanges with stamped steel rings. The plastic flanges certainly appear to be far too thick for the Toto's plastic adapter to fit over. The flanges with the steel rings are probably 1/4" in height - which appears to be just about the depth of the recess in the bottom of the plastic adapter.

    So, for those that have installed this particular WC, what flange and wax ring combination did you use?

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    If the flange is set on the finished floor, I would go with the metal outer ring, it is a bit smaller.
    One wax ring will do here.

    If the flange had been on the first floor, and the second flooring cut around the flange, then you would be looking at two wax rings.

    Don't forget to sand the inside of the tank, where the bolts fit through.


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