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Thread: looking for a special bathtub trap

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    Default looking for a special bathtub trap

    The trap on my tub is perfectly U-shaped (one side not higher than the other). One end is threaded (for the stem from the tub drain) and the other end is flanged with a nut to fit onto a threaded fitting. The size for the stem is 1-1/2" and the other end is approximately 2-1/4". The radius is narrower than a standard trap. I've tried the normal home improvement stores and even specialty plumbing stores and they all tell me I'll never find it and to rerun all new plumbing back to the main drain which I'm trying to avoid. I know someone out there has to have this thing. I cannot see the manufacturer of the tub anywhere on the tub itself.

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    The manufacturer of the tub has nothing to do with the drain. I cannot understand your explanation of what you have now, but there is no way that you should have to "rerun all new plumbing back to the main drain". And I cannot imagine any competent person tell you how far you would have to redo your plumbing without seeing your individual situation.
    I believe that this is turning into more than it needs to be. I cannot imagine it being such a major ordeal to put a different trap in if you have access. It may be time to call a plumber.
    The Pipewench

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    Talking Clayton

    Search for a low inlet trap and see if that is what you are needing. I may be way off base, but that is kind of what you're describing.

    same height inlet and outlet, one side accepts tubular 1-1/2" slip connection, the other side is flanged with a captured nut to fit 1-1/2" IPS threads.

    This trap is small tubular 1-1/2" which i never use on tubs. I always use IPS traps (pvc, abs, cast). I believe I may have seen a sch. 40 low inlet trap in a trailer house before.

    Note... not all low inlet traps have a captured nut on the j-bend and not all of them are flanged. some use a standard waste arm with the nut on the waste arm, and others are beveled for a ground joint (L.A. pattern).

    Good luck

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    Default trap

    You may be describing an IPS trap with a union outlet joint. If so, they are not be generic and to replace just that part would require that you find one made by the same manufacturer. Otherwise you have to replace the "elbow" it attaches to also.


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