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Thread: Cement Laundry Tub

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    Default Cement Laundry Tub

    Greetings, I have a 1943 Cement Laundry Tub from my grandfather, I am looking for a pair of strainer baskets for this tub. It is a double basin, the old strainers drained into one piece then on to the trap. I am looking for anything that will work for this tub so I can save it for regular use. The cement is 1 1/4" thick, the opening for the strainer flange is 2 1/2", the drain opening (center of flange opening) is 1 1/2". I have been unsuccessful in locating the hardware for this tub. Please advise. Thank you

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    Talking silicone it

    that is nearly impossible to find a drain for anymore

    they are called a "putty cup" for a concrete laundry tub....

    I have never changed one in 45 years....because it is nearly imposible.

    usually the concrete starts to chip and get hair line cracks in it

    and it is impossible to repair ........ you think its the drain but it usually

    hsir line cracks in the concrete......

    my suggestion....

    your best bet is to completely dry the unit for a few days then

    get some water proof clear silicone and simply take a full tube

    and glob it onto the drain and the whole general area

    in the hopes of sealing it up ------it works about 75% of the time

    if this does not work, get a sledjehammer and break the thing up

    and install a new fiberglass laundry tub......


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