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Thread: Help, Toto Drake

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    Default Help, Toto Drake

    Just installed Drake and works great and doesn't leak but it doesn't fit flush w/the floor Our old A/S fit fine, we've had to put pieces of flat wood underneath so it will sit flush w/the floor. What's up? Defective? Is it time to call in a plumber?

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    Is you toilet flange sitting flush with the floor? The rim of the flange should be level and sitting flat on the floor with no gap under it at all. If not, that is the reason. Some toilets have a larger area to fit incorrectly installed flanges. You need to ensure that the toilet is shimmed so it doesn't rock for the wax seal to work. Also, the floor may not be flat. While possible, it is not likely that the toilet is defective.
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    When I set toilets over old flanges that are high. I set the toilet down without wax to see how it's going to fit.

    Some wax with horns will hold the toilet up too high, if the flange is in the way.

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    Default If you need to shim it

    ...HD now carries shims made out of a plastic composite substance, so they could be used under a toilet to steady it until permanent repairs can be made. Here, they were about a buck for a package of 12. Supposedly waterproof and they snap off easily.


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