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Thread: flange extender??

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    Default flange extender??

    Hello All. I did a search and did not seem to find an answer to this one, although there was a previous post on this subject, but I did not see any replies?

    I recently tiled the bathroom. The subfloor was built up by 1/2 ply then tiles on top of that. I wanted to put in a new flange to sit on top of the finished tiles, but access from below would have involved opening the cieling. At any rate, I there is about a 1" inch difference between the top of the existing ABS flange and the finished floor.

    I bought a flange extender (a circular plastic pvc ring with a small gasket glued to it designed to go on top of the existing flange 1/2 and 1/4 inch rings). I was going to post a pic, but you probably know what I am talking about.

    As mentioned in the previous post that I was looking at, the gasket is kind of small and I was wondering if I should add some silicone to it before adding to the existing flange?

    your help is greatly appreciated!

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