I need to install a 1/2 bath in my basement and my sewage line is about 4 feet above the floor, so I need an upflush system. My dilemma is this, from floor to ceiling joists I have a total of only 86" to work with. Therefore, I really don't want to install a Quickjon system since this would eat up about 6" or more of height (I am 6'3" and this will be a finished bathroom, so head room is a must). I also do not want to break up my cement floor if it can be avoided.

I saw a Sani-Pro upflush system. It looks like exactly what I want. However, I cannot seem to find any reviews on this product. Has ayone ever used this product? Are they reliable? Any known issues?

Depending on who I ask around here (none of which are experts) I get mixed opinions.