Our new home includes three 1989 vintage URC toilets, one of which needs attention now and the other two don't seem far behind. Normally I would get Korky or Fluidmaster tank overhaul kits to replace all the mechanicals, but it seems URC does a lot of things differently. And finding parts for them is a PITA! (Largest local supply house, which still sells the UR brand, says to come in and pick out the parts from the catalog and they'll order them. Not the time frame or price point I'm looking for.)

Anyway, I was wondering if it's possible to easily replace all the tank working parts with new ones that will play together nicely. All three have the tilt valves that require copper refill tubes to work, which seems to require the URC ballcock, and so on. One is a model 4013, a one-piece toilet. The others are model 3445, two-piece units. They are shown in exploded detail at e-onlineplumbingparts.com.

Oh, yeah, if this gets kind of pricy, I may just wind up going for some Drakes to save water and have parts available.

Thanks in advance for the expert advice I expect to receive!