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Thread: Big Problem # 2 have to tunnel under house

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    Default Big Problem # 2 have to tunnel under house

    I have to put in a new sewer line and split off from the line I share with my neighbor (new city rule).

    Anyway, neighbor won't let me put seperate line across her property, so I have to either tear off a bedroom attached to my house to lay the line or tunnel UNDER the beadroom. Distance involved in the tunnelunder the room would be 20 feet.

    What do you all suggest I do as far as tunneling goes? Is there some really great method to bore a hole at the right angle for 20 feet or do I just play like an old time movie prison rat and start tunneling???

    I'll be laying 4" plastic/PVC if that helps on your answers.

    Again ANY advice would be appreciated.

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    Talking you got some fun on your hands........

    I have been there and done that.....

    the less deep you have to go the better.

    cut it off as high as possible and keep it level ......

    In your situatioin, you dont need a lot of fall, if any at all
    especially with a 4 inch pvc pipe......

    I would suggest getting some advice from some plumbers

    and you might even find a few that will at least take pity on you

    with some free advice.....

    is this a deep crawlspace???

    If you neighbor is being an a-hol/ thats too bad,
    they will get theirs someday
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    There is NO crawl space at all.... I am going to have to litterly tunnel under the room from one end to the other.

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    If you don't have rock, it should be possible to put a pipe through.

    I would consider the following in order:
    1. Appeal the application of the city rule. They allowed it in the past and the principal of estoppel might prohibit them from requiring you to make a major change after construction. There is usually a process for appealing the building inspectors decisions to the Zoning Board of Appeals or some other board. Get some political support from whoever represents you. If all else fails you can go to court. Maybe a class action suit could be threatened.

    2. Find your legal status with your neighbor. Based on the joint usage in the past, you could argue that you have a right to an easement if the city is able to enforce the new rule.

    3. Consider using a pumped system where you would just pump to the nearest location of the gravity sewer. You should be able to run a pressure system around corners and right next to the foundation of the slab.

    4. If all else fails, consider jacking a sleeve under the slab, and installing the 4" pipe in the sleeve.

    This is a case where procrastination, appeal, and argument might be the best approach.

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    Talking good advice

    that was some good advice, but I have seen where

    nasty neighbors have chopped them off before ...

    and they can , just for kicks or if the line is leaching water

    into their basement ect ect...

    if they cut you off , you are cut off and that bathroom

    is literally done for till a drain is run...

    negotiatioins are in order here.....
    .ruining the value of your house
    becasue they wont allow you an easement to
    save your property is reason enough to SUE THEM>

    at the very least they should allow
    you to go around the house
    and make repairs to their yard when you are done.

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    Directional drilling, check the yellow pages.


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