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Thread: toto aquia - clunking sound when flushed?

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    Question toto aquia - clunking sound when flushed?

    Just finished installing our new dual flush TOTO toilet, and am wondering about the sounds we're hearing, and if this is "normal and to be expected", or if we have a problem.
    1. When the toilet flushes, there is a significant "clunking" sound as the "blue float" goes down. Normal?
    2. After flushing, and the bowl is refilled with water, there is still a noisy "tinkling" of water heard for about 1 minute. I tried to figure out where this noise is coming from, and I think its from water dribbling down the drain. Normal?

    Your advice is appreciated!

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    I don't hear a clunk on mine.
    Okay, maybe a little clunk.

    It's seems pretty darn quiet though.
    I have customers with toilets on a second floor that buy the Aquia because they are a quieter flushing toilet then some, the water moves out more evenly and is less noticeable in the downstairs.

    The water at the end, is the bowl refilling, and the water through the trapway.
    Most toilets do this, you hear it on the Aquia because of the plastic trap adapter.

    By the end of the week, you tend to quit listening for it.
    On with the reading!
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    No Clunk on mine...

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    My old dual flush toilet clunked when the mechanism "cocked" back into ready- flush position.


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