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Thread: Hot/Cold Reversed; Kohler Shower Valve

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    Default Hot/Cold Reversed; Kohler Shower Valve

    Moved into a house with Kohler mixing valve in shower. Plumbing is approximately 20 years old. This is a one handle mixing value. Pull out to turn on; clock wise for cold: counter clockwise for hot. Handle is pentagon shaped clear plastic with pentagon shaped screw cover in middle of knob. Problem: The water temp flow is opposite of the markings on the handle. Clock wise produces HOT and vice versa. I have taken the mixing valve apart three times. Everything appears to be keyed such that alternative assembly is not possible. Am I missing something in the assembly, or is this thing simply piped backwards?
    Thanks, GDM

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    Default Hot/Cold: Error

    Sorry. Posted to wrong forum by mistake. My error.


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