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Thread: running pipes question

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    Default running pipes question

    Hi all, We are going to be moving our bathroom over because the location of it right know is awkward. I live in a Very cold area (freezing) and the toilet, tub, and shower are going to be located on a wall that is an exterior wall. piping such as supply and drainage cannot be run in a wall like this so the plan was to build another wall on this one that consisted of 2 by 6's and run the pipes in this wall. The wall would recieve a layer of sheetrock and tile when finished. Is there anything that you could add to help me out. Is this okay? Thanks alot.

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    If I have followed your plan correctly, you are going to increase the thickness of the wall which currently has 2x4 studs by sistering 2x6s to the 2x4s. That will work fine and give you room to put the plumbing in that wall. I would use R19 insulation with the plumbing on the inside of that to protect the pipes from freezing. If taking another couple of inches would be acceptable, you could even use 2x8 studs and have even more room for everything.

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    Visit www.johnbridge.com before you make a final decision on putting sheet rock under tile in a shower.

    It sounds like you are planning another full 2x6 wall inside the exterior wall. That seems like a bit of overkill.

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    Default wall

    Before I would take that much space out of the bathroom, I would try to find other ways to accomplish it. The drains can go in the outside wall, so you just need to protect the water pipes. they would not need a 6" wall to do that. Is that layout of fixtures the only one that will fit the area?


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