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Thread: Leaking Pitless Adapter

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    Default Leaking Pitless Adapter

    I found a leak at the top of my Pitless adapter. It leaks when only the pump is running. Note: water pressure is good in the house.

    I just purchased this home and the previous owner had the well serviced and water tested before the sale. The system has had little use in the past 2 years do to previous owner living overseas. This well stuff is new to me.

    My question is does the pitless Adapter have a cap screwed on the top that may have backed out or was not tighten correctly when serviced ??? or do you think it is damaged ???

    Thanks in advance for all your comments. Scott...

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    it is probably a bad o ring. it isn't seated right, is pinched, or something like that. i am surprised you have good pressure in the house though.

    how do you know it is at the top? can you see that water coming out?

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    Yes I can see it leaking out of the top in almost a complete circle with an upward 45 deg. angle of spray.

    What tool is used to tighten the cap or remove it for a new seal? Since it is at least 5' down. I cannot make out the notch shape on top of it. I could easily create a tool if there was some common size, but I am sure this is not.

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    UPDATE !!!

    I had a better look at it tonight when it was dark out, using the flash light. It is leaking at the bottom of the Pitless Adapter, just where the tubing connects. It is leaking do to the 2 hose clamps on the tubing not being tight enough? Or there is a break at the bottom of the Pitless Adapter?

    How can I get to it to fix???

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    Since there are so many brands and types of Pitless Adaptors, I doubt anyone can tell you how to fix it without being there.

    However, if the water is coming from around the poly pipe, it could be cracked and ready to fall off, deep sixing your submersible pump. You had better let a well man have a look before it is too late.



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