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Thread: Serious Leak!

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    Default Serious Leak!


    I am really hoping for some feedback. I would really appreciate it! I don't know if this is enough info but I hope it is.

    I completely renovated a house with all new plumbing.

    There is an upstairs claw foot tub. The two lower nuts on the supply lines (just above the shut off valves) are leaking (a slow continue drip is coming out of them). The two nuts on top of the supply lines (but underneath the clawfoot tub lip) also have a slow drip).

    This happened a month ago - I called the plumber to ask him about it. He said tighten the nuts and you should be good.

    Fast forward to today -have been gone a couple of days - walked in last night and there was a puddle on my kitchen floor with water in one of my recessed lights. Plumber came today. Said the nuts were loose. Tightened them up again. Does not know why they become loose? Had to pull out half the ceiling drywall because it was spongy!

    Anybody have any ideas. Maybe I am imagining this but the supply lines appear very slightly bent (if you really look at them). Could that be it. Any other ideas? Should I just replace the supply lines, shut off valves? What could cause this? Faulty parts? Plumber error?

    Just lost on this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not much info to go on here, maybe you could clue us in? What kind of valves? New, old, REALLY old? What kind of supply tubes?
    Chromed copper? Brass? Flexible? What kind of connections at valve and tub faucet? Metal tubing usually utilizes a "rubber" slip joint
    seal and brass friction ring under the nut. If the rubber is really soft, the nuts sometimes need retightening a few times. If the rubber
    came from China, anything goes! Did you actually tighten up the nuts as the plumber said? Did it stop the leaks? Did you monitor it for
    a while?

    Metal supply tubes are almost always "bent" to some degree.

    Is the leak stopped? If so, why are you considering replacing this and that? Is the "plumber" a REAL plumber?

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    Does the tub rock in the least? Movement can loosen the fittings, but normally, once properly tightened, they should not leak. It depends on the type of fitting whether a bent pipe would be an issue or not.
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    Thank you.

    The parts were bought from Rejuvenation and were supposed to be quality. They are sort of like a Restoration Hardware. Here is what they are.
    supply 1/2" od by 20
    flange for 5/8th copper pipe
    stop round straight 1/2" slip x 1/2" copper compression
    This was installed by a professional plumber with over 20 years experience who has good reviews in the community.
    I did tighten all the nuts after seeing the leak and calling the plumber.
    This is a month later (today) and they are loose again and leaking. - The plumber tightened them up today.
    Just checked - looks like there is still a slight drip out of one of the top nuts after the plumber tightened today.
    Any feedback?

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    Most of those supply pipes have rubber "cone washers" at their connections. You could have bad rubber seals. I prefer to use those with ground joint brass and compression connections.
    Licensed residential and commercial plumber

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