I recently encountered a Laing Auto Circ device on sale at a box store. This is a pump that circulates the hot water in your home so that you will have hot water instantly when you turn the fixture on. I liked the idea, but this is a retro-fit model that uses the existing cold water lines to return the hot water, and that didn't appeal too much to me. I contacted the Laing company about using a separate return line, and they replied that they had models that used a return line and that would be preferred if it was possible to install the return line. My plumbing is entirely exposed in the basement, so this did not represent any problem for me. I found a Laing SM-303-BTW on **** that I obtained for less that $100, and while I was waiting to receive it, I did most of the plumbing, got the automatic air vent, cut off valves, etc. that are required, so when I got the unit, it took less than an hour to complete the installation. Friends, this is an amazing device! Where it used to require 15 seconds or so to purge the cold water for the hot water line in my shower, it now take less than 2 seconds. Virtually instant hot water. It find it curious that there has never been a mention of this on this forum, at least that I have seen, and I have even posted questions regarding ways to accomplish this.