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Thread: Cadet 3 Flowise 1.28 gallon "Help"

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    I have just recently replace my cracked Glacier bay toilet 1.6 gpf, with the Cadet 3 Flowise. After about two weeks after installation the toilet began to burp and shoot water and waste up into the air. I am on a septic system so i called to have my septic ventilation checked and tank pumped. After that was done the toilet burped again, this time the toilet filled up to the rim with water and then flushed down the outlet at a super quick speed. This was followed by a gurgle and no water in the bowl. So i called american standard they said they have never herd of a case like this and that they could replace the bowl or just take it back to the store. I am going to take it back but i was wondering should i trade it in or get the Kholer Cimarron 1.28 gpf HE toilet?
    or if you have any other options i will take into consideration, ps. The Toto Eco Drake i would have to order online because there is no local retailer/
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