Hey guys, first post so be gentle. I have a ranch house with all first floor items going into one abs soil stack that runs straight thru basement into floor and also acts as vent for almost everything in house. As facing wall with stack 10 inches from wall, I want to put a sink on the left and washing machine on the right and an aav " until upstairs bathroom remodel" for venting traps. Starting near floor, as sink will have to connect new stack above washer from what I have read so far, I was thinking 3x3x2 wye then a 45 against wall to make a vertical stack behind main stack. Then a san t right with a trap and stand pipe for washer. The a san t left for sink then the aav at the top of 2 inch stack for venting. Sink and washing machine will be well within 6ft of new 2 inch stack Last thing is a clean out in main stack above new wye. I was thinking i read you could wet vent a washer with a sink so i wasnt sure if I needed any other additional vent piping than this. I was hoping someone might have a quick means to post a diagram of best way to do this if I am way off base. Sorry no picture. Like I said, first post and I'm at work posting from phone! Thanks in advance and sorry for lack of photo or sketch of what I am thinking of.